Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Turn that dial to love's station

Some years back, in search of tips for truly sensing or trusting in the reality of a divine Presence, I asked Eldon Kelly what sustained his faith. I could tell that the question embarrassed this madcap rapscallion Quaker gypsy of a sometimes mystic, but he was employed at the time at a local retreat center, so I figured answering questions like this went along with the job description.

What he said surprised me, though later reading of Rumi mirrors his experience: especially on his frequent cross-country drives, Eldon tuned his radio to pop channels listening for songs of heart-sick lovers, which he heard as the voice of the Spirit yearning for him.

The challenge for me remains: how to hold this premise of Divine intentionality firmly enough in mind to be able to experience the delights of creation, the clues in daily life, even my often witty and wise dreams as love letters sent my way?


Michael Bischoff said...

Hi Mary Ellen,

I just noticed your blog today, and I went through and read some. They're wonderful! So well written and also thought and heart provoking. I especially like this first one.


Minka said...

There are questions every person has to answer for themselves... The one you asked is quite a tough one in my opinion...