Monday, November 14, 2011

Is this the last day?

Every day for the past several, the weather prediction has been for unseasonable warmth, sunshine - and an immediate end to same, with cold and snow coming shortly. But again today it's in the 50's, feeling much more early to mid-October than mid-November. Some remnants of brilliant color - even some hardy flowers. (But tomorrow is REALLY going to be much colder, they say.)

But - the sun is arcing through the southern sky, never getting much higher than what would be evening in the summer. Here we are - evening at 3:40:

May your November continue mild and steady. Soak up what little light you can.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Gently comes November

Today is mild. There are still trees fully leaved, orange and brown. I'm in a coffee shop doing (somewhat delayed) grading, while an early song from Bob Marley plays in the background. I am thankful for all the pieces of my life. The challenge is -- to bring them into better balance.

May your November be mild and balanced - not too bleak, not too cold.