Monday, November 14, 2011

Is this the last day?

Every day for the past several, the weather prediction has been for unseasonable warmth, sunshine - and an immediate end to same, with cold and snow coming shortly. But again today it's in the 50's, feeling much more early to mid-October than mid-November. Some remnants of brilliant color - even some hardy flowers. (But tomorrow is REALLY going to be much colder, they say.)

But - the sun is arcing through the southern sky, never getting much higher than what would be evening in the summer. Here we are - evening at 3:40:

May your November continue mild and steady. Soak up what little light you can.


Laoch of Chicago said...

It has been eerily nice. I assume there will be a karmic payback

ellen abbott said...

I like mild winters. It would be so nice after the brutally hot summer.

shoreacres said...

It's so strange - our light is fading, the days are shortening, and still it's warm. Too warm. Entirely too warm for Thanksgiving!

I hope your own Thanksgiving is a time for blessings overflowing. And a little pie, perhaps, just for fun!