Saturday, May 23, 2009

New Camera - Old Dog - Spring Days

Somehow, I blinked and May is almost gone. It started with an unusually hot and bright May Day parade and ceremony in Powderhorn Park, put on for the last three decades by the Heart of the Beast Puppet Theater, and involving scores of neighborhood people.

The theme of this year was the importance of the soil and of green, growing things as the real source of our wealth, contrasted to greedy profiteering / credit card companies / banks, etc.

During the pageant, I sat under my umbrella for more than an hour, feeling smug and grateful that I had some protection from the unusually bright sun.

I was using my old camera, which has served me well for several years - very advanced for its day, with 3+ mgpx photos. But I've been hankering for something that would be small enough to carry in a pocket, which I could always have around, so I would take more pictures (and have things to illustrate this blog with, incidentally).

So I picked up the latest version of my old camera - still very much automated, which wouldn't please a real camera buff, but works for me. Playing around, I found that it can do very acceptable short videos (I'll try not to subject folks to too much self-indulgent sharing). Now 10 mgpx.

Last Easter, Bridget brought a bowlful of little packets of candy and flower seeds for folks at Meeting. I took home some extras and found that I liked the Spongebob Squarepants gummy crabby patties, so picked some up on sale yesterday at Walgreens. Don't eat them before breakfast.

Speaking of SpongeBob, you might get a kick from this movie review from the Atlantic:

The big question this holiday weekend is whether I'll get out and plant any of these seeds. I bought a big shaker-can full of flower seeds - last year? - some time ago, and never planted them. But I did plant five baby flowering trees that Joelyn got when she donated some money to the Arbor Day Foundation. A couple of them - skinny twigs, really, poking out of their little bowls of earth - are looking like they might sprout.

But mostly I've been taking pictures of my ancient and creaky dog Rufus. He has good days when he eats well and seems happy to stumble about in the yard or take a short walk, and less-good days when he seems to have no energy and turns away from his food. Kidneys shot - cataracts - arthritis - hearing shot - yet he still seems to enjoy being on the planet.

Off to do some lunch, then help Peter finish packing for his month at Philosophy Camp, then - who knows? - a nap could be in the picture. Or tackling the grown-over garden and planting those bright flower seeds?


Minka said...

There is so much going on there! And the photos are really nice!

Mary Ellen said...

Thanks! I'm trying to keep it down a bit, but enjoying having a pocket-sized camera.

Mel said...


Oh, Mary Ellen - you have just MADE my morning...and, *yawn*, it's a really an obscenely early one....

I am SMILING......

YOU are the reason to be a Good Bloggy Neighbour...:)

What a lovely, creaky old dog you have...and a snazzy new camera.

~brightest blessings~

Mike Finley said...

You get into a nice loping rhythm about the gathering changes. I like the seeds and sweets, too!

Mary Ellen said...

Thanks, folks! Welcome, Mel - I'm enjoying your photos of daughters on wee bikes. I'm at the point where I should be clearing out the left-behind boy stuff that my young men will probably never want - but - maybe not quite yet.

Leone said...

HI Mary Ellen Love your what you see is what you get philosophy. I am a new blogger and found you on Mel's blog. Nice to meet you. Your old dog looks so sweet.

Mary Ellen said...

Hi there! Rufus is sweet - and also quite a character. Seems like a person in a dog suit, but perhaps that's not uncommon.

Kim said...

Gummy crabby patties! LOL