Tuesday, December 22, 2009

It's a lamb - no, it's a dog - it's - Super Charlie!

Hmm . . . I wonder . . .

Is it a lamb? Or . . .

maybe it's a dog!

(His eyes don't usually glow like torchlights, though . . . )

I'm saving up the more ponderous reflections about My Life for another post. In brief: taking a few days off; finished my course grading; haven't taken in the solstice yet; house in great need of cleaning; youngest Young Adult Son squeaking through his finals (he moved home to get some support for the last couple of weeks); and . . . I'm choosing not to apply for the job opening in my office that would be a logical next step up the ladder, if I needed to climb any more ladders. Maybe I don't.

I think getting Charlie was some kind of statement to myself that there is life outside the office.

I'll write more when I'm rested up! Happy turn of the year into the Light!


Kim said...

Charley's perfect for a Christmas pageant!

ellen abbott said...

Really, there does come a time when we can quit climbing and just enjoy where we are.

Have a happy holiday.