Sunday, February 6, 2011

It's Thawing a Bit

Now that I'm done with my January challenge of writing a "small stone" each day, I'm not sure what rhythm I'll find for blogging.  But I'm having fun with photos.  In the last few days, it's thawed a bit, which made going out for a friend's Ph.D. graduation party feel fun instead of daunting, and which has made the river flow more openly.  I even switched to a parka instead of my boot-length down coat!

 But the weekend itself has been pretty gray, a bit foggy at times.  Good napping weather.


Laoch of Chicago said...

Very nice photos.

Lone Star Ma said...


Montag said...

I like the composition; the cold grey of the bottom picture is warmed by the middle one, and this fire spills up into the glowing river scene.

Minka said...

Coat? Parka? You mean that's not you in the middle of that big photo?

It's nice when it thaw, isn't it? I remember not liking it so much when I was a kid, wanting to ski all the time. But then, the snow gets soft and dirty and I've always hated slush that was left behind.

Where I live now, we only get enough snow to give us some trouble on the roads.

Madame DeFarge said...

Good photos. And you'll find the right rhythm for your blogging. It can take a while to shift tone.

shoreacres said...

Happy to see that the thaw is beginning. I hope it doesn't come too quickly, as I've heard mutterings about flood possibilities here and there.

Funny that I saw the photos as "blue, red and white", which is only a re-arrangment of "red, white and blue". Perhaps it's only a reflection of my concern over the country. I veer between being enraged by the liberals and sickened by conservatives, which is a pretty nasty teeter-totter to be on. I still trust this country, though - the people - and trust that things will begin to be resolved.

Or so I hope.

For now, I'm just enjoying views such as yours from around the country and spreading the word: I saw narcissus this past week!