Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Layout tweaks - need more gladness, here. . .

I've tweaked my font sizes - it occurred to me I was having trouble reading my own blog without coming up a bit close to the screen.  It took a while, though.  Hope it's helpful.

Dinking around on the set-up - I never noticed the "stats" tab before.  Just as soon I didn't know about it - too tempting to see if anyone's reading.  Which is NOT the point of writing.

The weather was a touch crisp today - the hot, muggy, deep-in-the-heart-of-summer feeling of last week vanished with the flow of Canadian air. 

I continue to post on my daily "small stones" blog (  That's been a fun challenge - I have to ask myself, did I notice anything in particular during the day?  Or - what was there that was worth noticing, that perhaps I missed?  Because otherwise it's easy to slide through a day so busy or distracted or generally low-spirited that nothing has much sparkle.  And that's not really being alive, is it?

Being alive is all these youngsters are about (from this morning - and also on my "small stones" blog):

How to recapture that openness, that gladness? 


Laoch of Chicago said...

One admires the Zen like attitudes of the young ones.

Nancy said...

I love little children - they are so in the NOW. Great idea to keep track of your day that way.