Friday, March 28, 2014

WPC15 Dispatch #3

Tonight I had a nice solitary meal in the bar (a bun-less burger with melted blue cheese, baby multi-colored carrots and broccoli, and a small salad), while doing email on my cell phone, then headed for the film showing of The New Black, which was just released in April on DVD. This film won the Best Documentary at the Urbanworld Film Festival and other awards.

The film traced the election contest in Maryland over the rights of GLBT folks to marry, with a focus on African-American gay and lesbian people, and in the context of the organized opposition of many Black churches. I thought the film treated both sides of the divided community with fairness, showing the pain within families, and the pain GLBT folks experience between remaining closeted in a beloved community that rejects who they are, or telling the truth and facing rejection and misunderstanding. The circle discussion that followed went until 10:30, and was one of the most candid and thoughtful I've yet experienced in the WPC.

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Jennifer Engler said...

The talk from the Social Justice Institute folks reminded me to encourage you talk with MM about her experience there...I agree with Ellen...thank you for sharing. Keep on...please!