Thursday, October 1, 2009

Well - stepping over into Autumn!

In my town, we had a very long, extended summer-like season all through September. That ended a bit abruptly just a couple of days ago. I guess I shouldn't complain - but it is a bit of a rude shock to the system (not to mention I never got around to bringing out my warmer clothes).

In other news, I'm out of my summer-long dingy cubicle and into a recently refurbished building (as of one week ago). My corner office on the third floor (see below) is as big as the department director's - but I'm sharing it with a colleague. For the moment, though, it's just me and my books, which have been transplanted onto the ample shelves. (Presently no room for them at home. . . .) I'm waiting for a ride home because it's cold and rainy out there - not fun to drag my wheelie backpack through the sloppy wetness.

On the job front, there's still no word on the reorganization of our unit, which makes me feel unsettled, but also insulates me (somewhat) from feeling I have to take on all the responsibility for the work that isn't getting done.

To distract myself, I've purchased a mini computer that is my favorite toy for now (except for trying to keep the software from updating itself into filling up the hard drive, which at 8 gigabits is minuscule in today's terms):

Fall always ushers in a very busy time, as I'm teaching my evening course as an overload to a jam-packed day job, but I usually also gain some energy from the brisk winds and sense of planetary tilting toward a new state of being.

I know I'm heading for some days of breathtaking beauty. Hope I can get outdoors enough to enjoy them.

May all of us be safe and contented this season
May our efforts come to harvest
May the gathering dusk not dampen our hearts
May we join together to keep spirits alight
May we all be free from strife
May we be free from suffering


Mel said...

A beautiful blessing..thank you...

That's one spacious office....very nice!

ellen abbott said...

Nice to have a new spacious office.

A front blew in here last night and cooled things off considerably. Plenty of time to get hot again though before winter.

Phoenix said...

you ended the post on a perfect note! i'm looking forward to the end of one season and the oncoming of another from another part of the world.. and hoping it brings things all pleasant and happy.. :)

Kim said...

Looks like you have an espresso maker in that office! Sweet.

Anonymous said...

Oh, my ~ we southern sorts are suffering autumn envy on a grand scale. After a tease of north winds, we're now on the wrong side of yet another warm front backing in from the Gulf. Happy humidity and heat to us all!

Those wonderful windows in your office could make me very happy - I'd love to watch the seasons change from them.

The blessing you offer is truly beautiful. I've never heard anything quite like it, despite the common themes. I believe I'm going to pass it to others, if you don't mind - are the words yours, and would you mind my using them?

Leone said...

Thank you for your beautiful blessing. It's nice to hear from you again, thank you for the kind words on my blog.
Nice to have a new office on your return to work.
Autumn is such a beautiful time of year, I hope you manage to get out and enjoy it.

Madame DeFarge said...

Nice office. Makes a change from my rather too spacious open plan, flexible working thingy. I'd think I'd be happy in your office.

Hystery said...

I almost have office-envy. I share my office at the college with two other profs, one of whom is my father. (I'm sure I wouldn't have one at all if he hadn't acquired an extra key for me.) Used to be that I was the one without a desk, then I had a low table, and now I have a real desk (on which my office mates store their stuff). The college actually installed a computer for me- and by install I mean they set a computer on my desk but didn't hook it up or anything. Its only been half a year. I'm sure they'll get around to it. I've only been working for them for six years. Gotta give them a chance to realize that I exist, right? lol

Mary Ellen said...

Linda - sure, go ahead and share the fall blessing - Hystery - sharing with your father???? - for my part-time adjunct teaching job (AKA night job), I don't have any perch at all and am responsible for somehow getting my copying done somewhere in town (I can get a copy card sent to me, but it only works in suburban locations). Actually, I am rather happy in this office. I am sharing it with one other person two days a week, who is quite a joy to be around (but - it is true - it is harder to concentrate with someone else there).

Hystery said...

I'm super lucky to be able to share with my father and I really enjoy the other person in our office too so I'm only complaining because it is still pretty funny to me. At one point, they had Dad and me sharing a campus mailbox too. And they used to give me my teaching assignments through him rather than tell me directly. "Tell your daughter..." Funny place.

I love my office mates but can't work in that room with them especially when they are both advising students. I have to bring all my work home.