Saturday, October 15, 2011

My goodness, halfway through October!

Somehow - completely undeserved - we've just had something like three more weeks of summer in late September / early October.  I've been taking photographs along the way that document the season's change, but I haven't really believed time was passing, not really.  The last couple of days have been true autumn again, still lovely, but properly cool.

Here are some digests of blogs thought of, even photographed for, but not written:

(Early September) - my wonderful new computer - the redoubtable MacBook Air.  I spent all summer dithering between getting the Air or getting the faculty/staff personal laptop sponsored by the U, which is a perfectly dandy little Dell Latitude (business class).  Lots of power - lots of features - all that.  But I got seduced by the light weight and ease of use of my Mac.  Actually, it was the iPad that set me up for the Air - and now I don't carry around the iPad anymore.  But you'd think I would get more writing done with this sleek item.

(Early September) - the (young adult) Kid moved home - the transition from male to female is taking all of /her/ time and energy.

Cleaning and purging the boy clothes - purchased by me over the past few years - now off to Salvation Army.
(Mid September) - fall begins in earnest - full color starting up on the trees.

An early leaf - striking in its utter perfection.
(Late September) - two evening parties, both with wonderful views of downtown Minneapolis lights.  One a gathering of fellow adjunct faculty; one a celebration of Peter's church friend's 50th.  (Oh, honey - you're just a kid.)

Condo near Loring Park - Metro department party

A law firm overlooking the Art Institute for the 50 birthday bash
(Early October) - days in the 70s and 80s - warm nights - we have been transported to California.  We celebrate by going to a neighborhood-wide yard sale in this lovely neighborhood . . .

Summit Hill area house - not an option in this lifetime for me!
. . .  and several trips to our favorite tame bit of the wild, the Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden.

May your autumn be lovely and serene.  I'll try to do some actual posts as I go along from here.


California Girl said...

Thanks for visiting my blog Mary Ellen.

Your photographs are well composed. Love the old house. Is that CA?

I cannot believe it's mid-October either.

Laoch of Chicago said...

Hopefully the rest of your fall will be filled with sanguine days

Mary Ellen said...

No - it's still Minnesota - but for three weeks, we felt like we were in California. Not any more!

shoreacres said...

What a lovely, leisurely post. And how wonderful that you had that extended summer.

I was delighted to run into a little rain while I was in your state - it truly was wonderful. But there wasn't much and there was plenty of bright blue sky and - corn!

I even got to go out into the country and get some bittersweet to bring home. A woman I met had a brother who knew that his neighbor had some on the fence - you know how it is!

We're almost to the time change - then perhaps it will feel like season change down here.