Sunday, October 16, 2011

Autumnal Musings - and Marriage Equality

What a sleepy weekend.  Long, somewhat incapacitating naps each afternoon.  Chilly, windy, true fall weather, but with lots of sun.  Life Partner and I actually tackled the kitchen cupboards and refrigerator instead of going yard-saling.  Laying large amounts of food from Costco - it must be the impulse to have a full larder once the cooler weather sets in. 

Friends ask me how I'm doing - meaning with the gender transition experience of youngest offspring.  Truthfully, I don't know how "I" am doing - it doesn't feel entirely real, I guess, since the person is still here, even though the boy clothes aren't. 

I have, however, been quietly steaming about the local archbishop's move to train and exhort the area priests to become  political action leaders.  He is expecting them to mobilize the faithful in support of an amendment to the state constitution to restrict marriage to one man and one woman.  This just feels so wrong on so many levels.  My own Quaker community is - and has been - working for marriage equality.  Nearly 25 years ago, the Meeting approved performing weddings for same-sex couples, after some difficult months of discussion.  More recently, in solidarity with same-sex couples who can't get legally married, our Meeting chooses not to sign the wedding certificate to legally marry anyone - for those with access to legal marriage, they need to do this as a second step.

There was a strong and well-reasoned opinion piece in today's paper written by an elderly Republican (85-year-old Wheelock Whitney) against the marriage amendment.  It gave me hope - hope that even those with differing political perspectives can see the obvious issues of human rights, and not be swayed by fear or misplaced religious zeal.

Here's the photographic fruit of our late afternoon walk in the Wildflower Garden.  Next week may be the last for this year.

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ellen abbott said...

I think all those marriage amendments will eventually be declared unconstitutional. However much the religious try to make this a 'christian' nation, it is in fact a nation of many different people.

Laoch of Chicago said...

I hope your child will eventually find the world to be warm and welcoming. Sadly my cynical side fears that this will never be so.

shoreacres said...

So many difficult issues. On some mysterious, deep level, I personally believe marriage is for a man and a woman. On the other hand, I think constitutional amendments on the issue are ludicrous, and I'm not at all upset with my own denomination (Lutheran) deciding that same-sex ceremonies will be performed.

It doesn't threaten me one whit to know that people are in same-sex relationships. Apparently, some people are threatened beyond reason.