Sunday, April 1, 2012

Winter vacation - broken wrist - and now it's suddenly spring

It's been an odd, if short, winter.  I went to Mexico in late January and had a lovely time with my siblings (all but one) and parents.  Just now, flipping through the photos, I can recapture the ease and brightness of those ten days.  Some of us were staying in a condo/hotel - somewhat primitive but sufficient, and very spacious. Cerritos Beach was a couple of blocks away down a dusty, rutted road, past my brother's 1/3 acre compound of motorhome and palm-leaf-roofed open patio, where the rest of the clan were ensconsed.  (This is on the Pacific side of Baja, north of Cabo San Lucas and a little south of Todos Santos.)

The beach is a magnet for surfers.  Up on the hill above it is a glittering mansion, which serves as a luxury hotel now.  

After a week of sun-drenched days and just-cool-enough breezes, I tripped and broke my wrist.  I didn't think it was broken, though, and it didn't hurt all that much, so I kept on with the touristic routine with my family for another day

and then brought the wrist home to be x-rayed - and splinted, then put in a cast, then (because the bone was drifting a bit), put through surgery.  I have a titanium plate in there now.

After several weeks of hand therapy, I'm typing again, though the range of motion isn't the best.

And now - a month to five weeks early - it's spring here, birdsong, leaf bud, green grass and all.  May it not bode a slide into a baking and parched summer.


ellen abbott said...

sorry to hear about your wrist but it looks like a wonderful vcation.

shoreacres said...

My goodness - what a wonderful vacation! I've never been anywhere in Mexico but Monterrey and Saltillo (well, except for a little cross-border shopping) but you had a beautiful spot. The photo of the surfer is just stunning - beautiful.

I'm so sorry about your wrist. Mom torn up all of the tendons and such in her hand and wrist once, and had to go through therapy, splint-wearing and all that. The doctor asked her what level of functioning she wanted to reach, and she said "I want to knit again". She did!

And she got some plates and screws when she broke an ankle in two places. Full recovery from that, too. Patience, patience....

Sure nice to see you again. We're all hoping things straighten out and we don't go through traumatic weather again this year.

Laoch of Chicago said...

Mexico looks beautiful. Sorry about your gruesome wrist injury.

shoreacres said...

Well, now it's the solstice - summertime! I'm just thinking of you, perhaps because of all the news about Duluth. I hope all is well, and that your new season will be delightful!